Join us for service at:
Meadowbrook Country Club
2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

Sunday Service at 10 a.m.
in-person at Meadowbrook,
or via Zoom!

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Keeping Herod in Christmas

05 Dec, 2022

Many scholars believe that the birth narratives, which we find in written form for the first time fifty-plus years after Jesus’ death is a product of Jewish midrash. Midrash was a process by which the Jewish rabbis explored current situations...

Keeping Shepherds in Christmas

28 Nov, 2022

Did you know that there are two birth narratives of Jesus? One is in the Gospel of Matthew and one is in the Gospel of Luke. Time and tradition have merged many of the elements together, but if you take a look you'll see that they are two very...

Lessons of Autumn: Gratitude

21 Nov, 2022

The third lesson of autumn is gratitude. It rides on the coattails of an abundant mindset which reminds us that we have all we need within us – the spiritual strength, the wisdom (sometimes the wisdom to seek help), the tenacity and fortitude...

Lessons of Autumn: Letting Go

14 Nov, 2022

Autumn is ironically not only a season of harvest and abundance, but also a season of letting go, of change, of dying. This is so obvious in the dying leaves covering our ground, and the world changing to the stark colors of gray and brown. In...

Lessons of Autumn: Abundance

07 Nov, 2022

Every season has its energy and its lessons to teach us. The first lesson of autumn I'd like to discuss is abundance . Harvest festivals have been going on for thousands of years, celebrating the bounty of the land and gratitude for how Mother...

Going Beyond Heaven & Hell

31 Oct, 2022

There are many scripture in the New Testament that provide the biblical basis for the judgment of people as good and bad, consequently sending them to places of eternal life or eternal punishment - heaven and hell. In order for us to go beyond...

Going Beyond Jesus as Rescuer

24 Oct, 2022

This is the fifth in a sermon series on "Going Beyond..." It's time to talk about going beyond Jesus as our rescuer. Let me begin by being perfectly clear about what I’m trying to say: Jesus did not die for your sins or mine, or anyone else’s...

Going Beyond Adam & Eve

17 Oct, 2022

Here we continue my series on Going Beyond . This time we're not only going beyond Adam and Eve as a literal story, but also beyond all the negative effects that resulted from those who took it literally. We all know the story of Adam and Eve...

Going Beyond Worship

03 Oct, 2022

To move beyond our normal thinking about worship we first have to move backwards. Consider worship in ancient times for a moment, which is why I chose a Psalm 96:1-9 for today’s reading. Did you know that the book of Psalms were the liturgical...

Going Beyond Certainty

26 Sep, 2022

This Sunday was our All-Music Service, so instead of a sermon I gave a brief introduction to the topic of Going Beyond Certainty and then read a few quotes from different authors. Certainty is comfortable. But when you really think about it,...