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Join us for Worship at 10 a.m. on Sundays,  in-person at Meadowbrook Country Club, or via Zoom!

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Deep Listening to Others

19 Oct, 2020

Spirituality is inherently relational. We are connected spiritually not only to the Divine Essence, but to one another. How we treat one another and how we listen to one another is not in a different compartment from listening to God. Jesus was...

Deep Listening to God

13 Oct, 2020

We’ve talked about deep listening to ourselves – to our bodies, our emotions and our self-talk. It’s exceedingly helpful to know ourselves well so that when we open ourselves to listen to God, we don’t get psyched out by our egos, our needs and...

Deep Listening to Self

05 Oct, 2020

Deep listening is our theme for the month of October. The words of Etty Hillesum distill this concept for me. She says that one of the most important pieces of the spiritual journey is learning to listen to “everything reaching you from without...

Renewing Our Love of the World

28 Sep, 2020

Renewing our love of the world is the title for today’s message. The subtitle, or the fine print was…”despite our cynicism and the slow progress of society.” This was the hardest of the sermons on renewal to write because it is so hard...

Renewal Through Restoration

21 Sep, 2020

We hear a lot about what the pandemic has done to the economy, to people’s finances, to our education system, and to our health care system. And all those things are real and scary, and yes restoration is needed (or maybe renovation is needed)...

Renewal Through Community

14 Sep, 2020

Perhaps it seems too early to talk about renewal, since we’re still in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis and we probably will not be in the clear for a long while yet. But it seems to me that every day is precious, and as a friend said this...

Perseverance in Exile

08 Sep, 2020

Perseverance in exile. The poor Israelites and Moses persevered for 40 years (which is basically a metaphor for a really long time) in the desert before they finally glimpsed the Promised Land. And then Moses died, which I’ve always thought was...

Grace in Exile

31 Aug, 2020

I know grace, I feel grace, and I believe that there is grace in the midst of our current pandemic exile, but how to describe it and understand it? Rabbi Karyn Kedar in The Dance of the Dolphin defines grace as “A moment in time in which you...

Discovery in Exile

24 Aug, 2020

On our continuing journey with the Israelites and Moses in the wilderness, we find the people complaining about the lack of food. “Oh why didn’t God just kill us when we were fed and satisfied instead of dragging us all this way just to die of...

Faith in Exile

17 Aug, 2020

When Moses gets the call from God to free the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt he’s got a pretty comfortable life going: he’s married, probably has kids, has herds, a home, a community. There is nothing in his life that says to me that somehow...