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Sacred Journeys Blog

How Big is Your God?

20 May, 2019

In this season after Easter, we find Peter confronted with a crisis of faith. He’s been a good Jew all his life and believing in Jesus didn’t stop that. After all, Jesus himself was a good Jew! And, as a good Jew, one was required to maintain a...

Mother Earth

13 May, 2019

To try and keep learning and growing, I am continually reading new spiritual books. In the last 5-10 years most of these books have consistently said that there is an emerging consciousness in the world, aided by science and quantum physics,...


06 May, 2019

It's perhaps a few weeks after the resurrection, and we find ourselves with Jesus on the shore of the Sea of Galilee while seven of the disciples (who knows where the others are) are out fishing.On last account, Jesus had just appeared amongst...

The Fallout From Thomas

29 Apr, 2019

Did you know that the story of Thomas from the Gospel of John is the prescribed scripture the Sunday after Easter in all three lectionary cycles. Why is this story so important? Or perhaps a better question is: why was it so important to the...

Resurrection for All

22 Apr, 2019

“We had imagined that resurrection is just about Jesus… but… resurrection is about the whole of creation, it is about history, it is about every human who has ever been conceived, sinned, suffered, and died, every animal that has lived and died...

Sitting Shiva on the Day of Tears

22 Apr, 2019

Matthew's gospel on the Day of Tears (aka Good Friday) leaves us with Mary of Magdala, and “the other Mary” sitting there facing the tomb after all others have left. I wonder if this was perhaps the beginning of sitting shiva (a traditional 7...

A Messiah of Contradictions

15 Apr, 2019

Holy week begins today. It is a week that should disturb us, break us out of our complacency, our detachment, our illusions. If you dare to walk all of it, you will find yourself confronted with life itself and all that life brings in its...

The Prodigal Son

11 Mar, 2019

The parable of the prodigal son, told in Luke 15, is a complex story with many, many facets and lessons to consider. It feels like too much to address in a single sermon with a single theme. Therefore, I've decided to tacle this as a three part...

Get Up, Go Ahead, Do Something

04 Mar, 2019

A few weeks ago we talked about the importance of mindfulness, non-judging and respectful awareness. The ability to meet life from a place of clarity and groundedness. And the key to being mindful was stopping – meditating, praying, slowing...

Going into Deep Water

11 Feb, 2019

We all know how it feels to share really good news… think of the folks in 1928 the year sliced bread came on the market. “Harriet, have you tried the new sliced bread yet? It’s amazing! All the slices are the same size and they aren’t squished...