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Sacred Journeys Blog

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 45

29 Apr, 2020

Play nice. That’s been another common sermon theme of my sermons. Seems pretty simple to me. Another way to put it is the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Why is this so hard? Truth be told, I wasn’t a very good...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 44

28 Apr, 2020

Over the years I’ve realized that I basically preach three themes over and over again: God is Love, play nice, and you are enough . Sometimes I wonder why folks keep listening to my messages when I feel like I just find creative ways to say...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 43

27 Apr, 2020

I think 2020 at our house will be known as The Year of the Puzzles . We just finished our 15th puzzle (most were 1,000 pieces) since the beginning of the year. It’s kept us out of trouble (somewhat) and been something we can do together in the...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 42

26 Apr, 2020

Well, we’ve made it through a little more than a month of the official stay-at-home order here in Wisconsin (obviously I started these reflections before the Governor issued the order) and we have one month to go (at least)! My question of the...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 41

25 Apr, 2020

Benedictine monk, Brother David Steindl-Rast has said, “Silence is the opportunity to let yourself down into mystery – to let yourself be touched by mystery. It is like the joy of music, only a thousand times deeper and greater.” Even though we...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 40

24 Apr, 2020

So, I’ve been writing these for forty days now. Forty was a significant number in the Bible signifying a “long time.” It reminds me of Jesus spending forty days in the wilderness before beginning his ministry. Clearly it was a transformative...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 39

23 Apr, 2020

I interrupt your regularly scheduled reflection to bring you Whiny Thursday. Yes, you heard right. I’m whiny. Today I’ve had enough of social distancing. I miss all of you. I miss hugs and having meetings in person. I’m tired of gray, cold and...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 38

22 Apr, 2020

I find myself thinking a lot about all of the people who are dying alone, and the families who are unable to support or comfort their loved ones in person. I know that health care workers and chaplains are trying to help as best they can, but...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 37

21 Apr, 2020

Years ago I read Jan Karon’s wholesome novels about an Episcopal priest named Father Tim and the little town he served in. I honestly don’t remember too much about the books except a prayer that I learned. Each day when Father Tim went to the...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 36

20 Apr, 2020

How are you doing? I know all this isolating and staying at home is getting old. It’s hard at times not to be sluggish, down and unmotivated. I get it. I have my moments, too. This sounds cliché-ish, but it’s true that the perfect antidote is...