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Meadowbrook Country Club
2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

We are currently worshipping in-person Sundays at 10 a.m. and via Zoom

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 77

31 May, 2020

Today the Christian Church celebrates Pentecost, the 50 th day after Easter when disciples and followers of Jesus received the promised Holy Spirit. In a great rush of wind she blew into the house where they were staying, tongues of flame...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 76

30 May, 2020

Given the events of this week in Minnesota, I find myself vacillating between anger and deep, deep sorrow. I don’t often turn to the Psalms, but this is one of those weeks when the lamentations in the Psalms make perfect sense to me. After all...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 75

29 May, 2020

About two months ago, this photo went viral (I’m a little slow, so I just saw it). It is a picture of Avraham Mintz and Zoher Abu Jama, two paramedics who work together in Israel, using a small break in their busy day to pray. Mintz, a devout...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 74

28 May, 2020

Going a little stir crazy? Tired of wandering the same rooms of your home? Missing face-to-face conversations and hugs? Wishing you could go do something… anything… but especially something without a mask involving someone else making food,...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 73

27 May, 2020

After a stroke last fall, my dad is now in an assisted living facility here in Racine. Gratefully, he’s doing pretty well and keeping himself occupied during these long weeks of isolation without visitors or even a walk down the hall to break...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 72

26 May, 2020

Theologian Meister Eckhart once said, “God is not found in the soul by adding anything but by subtracting.” It seems to me that this is true. In my humble opinion, religion has often asked people to add all kinds of beliefs and practices to...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 71

25 May, 2020

I understand the meaning of Memorial Day – to remember and grieve all those who have died in war for our country – but it feels like it has become a celebration of nationalism, a day for parades (ok, maybe not this year) and backyard barbecues...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 70

24 May, 2020

Day 70! Who knew I could come up with something to say for 70 days? Especially when the days all begin to look the same… over and over and over again. Joan Chittester, in her book, Called to Question , talks about the spiritual challenge of...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 69

23 May, 2020

Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives that we lose perspective. What if we took a step back and looked at our lives as if they were movies playing out in front of us? They could be love stories, dramas, comedies, tragedies, or adventure,...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 68

22 May, 2020

In 2001, I met Mike S. at a “Preach-in” in Naramata, Canada, where I spent six days with fourteen other pastors of seven denominations from all over the US and Canada. Together we danced with the Scriptures and worked to create part of a...