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2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

We are currently worshipping in-person Sundays at 10 a.m. and via Zoom

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 51

05 May, 2020

Have you ever thought about how circular life is? Always reminds me of the awesome song from the Lion King, Circle of Life (which I love and will now be singing for the rest of the day… here’s the link if you want to join me: https://www...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 50

04 May, 2020

Yesterday, I wanted to lift up and honor the communities that give us a sense of belonging, hope and light. Today, let me expand on the concept of community a bit. The larger reality, that has become strikingly obvious, is that we belong to the...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 49

03 May, 2020

Did we really know how important community was before we were forced to self-isolate? Before this virus, did we think about what it would mean to be suddenly separated from our church community, our card clubs, our book groups, our walking...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 48

02 May, 2020

Over all these years of pastoral ministry, one of the most important things I’ve discovered is that God is in the interruptions. When I had a church office to work out of (Sacred Journeys rents space on Sunday mornings, so I work out of my home...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 47

01 May, 2020

I looked around my office for inspiration yesterday and pulled a new book out of my “books to read” pile called “The Art of Is,” by Stephen Nachmanovitch, an internationally known improvisational violinist. And the book is wonderful! This is...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 46

30 Apr, 2020

You are enough. That’s always been another consistent sermon theme for me. You know they say that pastors really preach to themselves, well, it’s true. This is a message I constantly need to hear. There are probably a gazillion reasons why we...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 45

29 Apr, 2020

Play nice. That’s been another common sermon theme of my sermons. Seems pretty simple to me. Another way to put it is the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Why is this so hard? Truth be told, I wasn’t a very good...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 44

28 Apr, 2020

Over the years I’ve realized that I basically preach three themes over and over again: God is Love, play nice, and you are enough . Sometimes I wonder why folks keep listening to my messages when I feel like I just find creative ways to say...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 43

27 Apr, 2020

I think 2020 at our house will be known as The Year of the Puzzles . We just finished our 15th puzzle (most were 1,000 pieces) since the beginning of the year. It’s kept us out of trouble (somewhat) and been something we can do together in the...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 42

26 Apr, 2020

Well, we’ve made it through a little more than a month of the official stay-at-home order here in Wisconsin (obviously I started these reflections before the Governor issued the order) and we have one month to go (at least)! My question of the...