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Women's Spirituality Group

Our Women’s Spirituality Group meets every Wednesday morning via Zoom at 7 a.m. to discuss the latest book that they are reading. Women’s spirituality differs from that of men. And the church, as a patriarchal institution, has not sufficiently addressed women’s spiritual needs. The books the group has read have included topics such as women in leadership for spiritual transformation, the history of God and Goddess, women’s spirituality, the Gospel of Mary, chakras, and many others. The intent is to be an empowering place for women to find their voice and themselves.

On Wednesday, July 28th the Women’s Spirituality Group will begin discussing Elizabeth Lesser’s book, Cassandra Speaks. Her introduction explains: “This is a book about stories – the stories a culture tells, and how those stories become the culture. It’s about the stories we still blindly cling to, and the ones that cling to us: the origin tales, the guiding myths, the religious parables, the stories passed down through the centuries about women and men, power and war, sex and love, and the values by which we live. Stories written mostly by men… This book is about those old stories, and it’s about what happens when women are the storytellers, too – when we speak from our authentic voices, when we flex our values, when we become protagonists in the tales we tell about what it means to be human.”


PREVIOUS BOOKS (in the order in which they were read):

  • “God’s Joyful Surprise” by Sue Monk Kidd
  • “The Cup of Our Life” by Joyce Rupp
  • “When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd
  • “The Dance of the Dissident Daughter”  by Sue Monk Kidd
  • “When God was a Woman” by Merlin Stone (Winter 2007-2008)
  • “The Circle of Stones” by Judith Duerk (Spring – Summer 2008)
  • “Hidden Women of the Gospels” by Kathy Coffey (Summer – Fall 2008)
  • “The Gospels of Mary” by Marvin Meyer
  • “Proverbs of Ashes” by Rita Nakashima Brock and Rebecca Ann Parker
  • “A Woman’s Journey to God” by Joan Borysenko
  • “Open the Door” by Joyce Rupp
  • “I Will Not Die an Unlived Life” by Dawn Markova
  • “The Feminine Face of God” by Sherry Anderson & Patricia Hopkins
  • “Goddess Shift: Women Leading for a Change”  Edited by Stephanie Marhon
  • “Goddesses in Everywoman” by Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • "Anatomy of the Spirit" by Caroline Myss
  • “The Faith Club” by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver, Priscilla Warner
  • “The Circle Continues” by Judith Duerk
  • “Women, Spirituality and Transformative Leadership” edited by Kathe Schaff, Kay Lindahl, Kathleen Hurty and Rev. Guo Cheen
  • “Women’s Spirituality: Power and Grace” by Mary Faulkner
  • “Womanspirit Rising” edited by Carol Christ & Judith Plaskow
  • “The Meaning of Mary Magdalene” by Cynthia Bourgeault
  • “This Will Be Remembered of Her” by Megan McKenna
  • “Daring Greatly” by Brene’ Brown
  • “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene’ Brown
  • “The Magdalene Moment” by Joanna Manning
  • “Between the Dark and the Daylight” by Joan Chittester
  • “Becoming Wise” by Krista Tippett
  • “Rising Strong” by Brene Brown
  • “Taking the Leap” by Pema Chodron
  • “The Grace in Aging” by Kathleen Singh
  • “Hallelujah, Anyway” by Anne Lamott
  • “Learning to Walk in the Dark” by Barbara Brown Taylor
  • “Love is Stronger than Death” by Cynthia Bourgeoult
  • “Crossing to Avalon” by Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • "The Chocolate Cake Sutra" by Geri Larkin
  • "Radical Spirit" by Joan Chittester
  • "Boundless Compassion" by Joyce Rupp
  • "Etty Hillesum: A Life Transformed" by Patrick Woodhouse
  • "Braving the Wilderness" by Brene' Brown
  • "Wild Mercy" by Mirabai Starr
  • "Holy Envy" by Barbara Brown Taylor
  • "Untie the Strong Woman" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  • "White Fragility" by Robin DiAngelo
  • "This is Woman's Work" by Dominique Christina
  • "The Time Is Now" by Joan Chittester
  • "Entering the Castle" by Caroline Myss
  • "Cassandra Speaks" by Elizabeth Lesser