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Meadowbrook Country Club
2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

There will be no worship March 15, 22 or 29.

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Listening Servant Leader

03 Feb, 2020

This is the third in a sermon series on the four “Servant Songs” in Isaiah. The first was gentleness, the second was strength through integrity, today we’ll talk about listening and next week we’ll talk about how suffering plays into all of...

Strong Servant Leader

20 Jan, 2020

This is the second in a four part series on the four passages in the book of Isaiah that have been dubbed “The Servant Songs.” Ironically enough, the “servant” is truly a leader. In fact, they were a whole community of Leaders, as the passages...

Gentle Servant Leader

13 Jan, 2020

Within the Old Testament book of Isaiah there are four passages that have been dubbed “The Servant Songs.” Ironically enough, the servant songs define a true leader in God’s eyes. For my next four sermons I will explore these passages as a...

Follow the Light

06 Jan, 2020

The story of Epiphany, of magi following a star and seeking hope in the form of a new king, is more than the cute scene that Christmas pageants and Christmas cards have turned it into. It is not as simple as the light of God bursting into human...

Pregnant with Love

23 Dec, 2019

The scripture leading up to Christmas focus on the pregnancy of Mary. And on this fourth Sunday in Advent, we are celebrating Love. Putting the two together, Mary was pregnant with Love… Love that began as a baby and eventually took the form of...

Through the Eyes of Children

16 Dec, 2019

Yesterday was our children's Christmas Pageant. Afterwards I asked everyone how they felt after watching it and they responded: happy, proud, joyful, and thankful. I was so glad that no one said bored or annoyed, or that they were just glad it...

A Net of Hope

09 Dec, 2019

In Isaiah we once again we find ourselves with the prophet in the midst of a war-torn land where lives have been lost and homes have been destroyed. Loss, grief, heartache, anger, pain, fear, despair, loneliness, joblessness, aimlessness must...

Committed to Peace

02 Dec, 2019

Here at the beginning of Advent, our prescribed scripture readings set the stage for why the world needed a new voice – a child of hope, light and peace. The book of Isaiah begins by condemning the people of Israelf for their unfaithfulness to...

In Giving We Receive

25 Nov, 2019

(This is the last in a sermon series on the prayer of St. Francis, "Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace.") Luke 6:38 reads: “Give and it will be given to you: a full measure – packed down, shaken together and running over – will be poured into...

Sowing Hope, Light & Joy

18 Nov, 2019

This is the third week in our discussion of the prayer of St. Francis, “Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace.” We have talked about planting seeds of love, forgiveness, and faith. Now we tackle the next few lines that are similar enough to be...