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Meadowbrook Country Club
2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

Worship on Sundays, at 10 a.m. 
in-person at Meadowbrook,
or via Zoom!

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Sacred Journeys Blog


16 May, 2022

We live in a market economy. We buy whatever we want or need. If we give gifts, most of the time they are bought in the store, not made with our hands. For a large portion of human history, resources belonged to the community. But then someone...

The Way of the Mother

09 May, 2022

Mother is an archetype, an energy, a pattern or model, found within each of us. Whenever we exhibit the loving, nurturing, caring, teaching, tender, giving, self-less, generous, patient characteristics, we’re channeling the mother within us...

All Creation is Family

02 May, 2022

The creation story in the first chapter of Genesis was written during the time of the Babylonian exile when the Israelites were far from home, feeling lost and grieving, wondering where God was in the midst of the despair, hopelessness, and...

The Paradox of Doubt

25 Apr, 2022

It’s been a few years since I’ve talked about Thomas – Doubting Thomas as he’s come to be known. As I’m sure you know, the title of Doubting Thomas was not meant to be flattering. In fact, the opposite was the case. As far as the church was...

Living Wide Open

18 Apr, 2022

I’d like us to consider two ways to view the Easter story – as history or as parable. To view the story as history means that the events actually happened as the story reports, that if we’d been there with our cell phones, we could’ve taken...

Kingdom vs. Kin-dom

11 Apr, 2022

The staging of Jesus’ parade into Jerusalem on this day we celebrate as Palm Sunday, was deliberate. The day was chosen because Jerusalem was filled with around 200,000 Jewish folks coming on pilgrimage to the Temple for the Passover. Even...

The Way of Love

04 Apr, 2022

Throughout Lent, we’ve talked about the ways of Jesus: the way of integrity, perseverance, second chances, and inclusion. If we consider him to be our mentor, teacher, guide and example, then the way he lived, and the way he taught are so very...

The Way of Inclusion

28 Mar, 2022

Tax collectors and sinners! He ate with tax collectors and sinners (Luke 15:1-3)! The Pharisees were definitely not pleased. More was expected from a so-called rabbi. Like knowing who was ok to associate with and who wasn’t, who was “clean” and...

The Way of Second Chances

21 Mar, 2022

In the parable of the fig tree in Luke 13:6-9, Jesus says, “There was a fig tree growing in a vineyard. The owner came out looking for fruit on it but didn’t find any. The owner said to the vine dresser, ‘Look here! For three years now I’ve...

The Way of Perseverance

14 Mar, 2022

Sometimes I think we don’t give Jesus enough credit for all that he had to deal with in life. Maybe from a distance of 2,000 or so years we've sanitized his story. Or perhaps it’s because our tradition elevated him to sinless status and God...