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Worship on Sundays @ 10 AM

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Tough Self-Love

Tough Self-Love

01 Oct, 2018

"If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It would be better to enter Life crippled than to have hands and go into Gehenna, where the fire never goes out. If your foot causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better to enter Life crippled than...

Blue door

The Door to Wisdom is Humility

23 Sep, 2018

If you read the book of James, it seems clear that the author is addressing a number of real issus in the early Christian community. Clearly there were bitter, jealous people who were self-serving and ambitious. Perhaps those folks wanted to be...

Faces of Jesus

Who is Jesus to you?

17 Sep, 2018

In Mark 8:27-33 , Jesus asks two questions. And as Joan Chittester points out in her book, In Search of Belief , the first one, “Who do people say that I am?” has been debated from the beginning. It is the question that creeds and doctrine have...

Healing and hope

Healing & Hope

10 Sep, 2018

Chapter seven in the Gospel of Mark (7:32-36) tells the story of Jesus healing a person who is deaf and has a speech impediment. Can you imagine what it would be like in 1st century Israel if you were deaf and had a speech impediment? You would...


Tossing Junk & Restoring the Soul

04 Sep, 2018

It’s true… it’s always something . There are car issues and kid issues, health problems and work problems. There are crises to deal with, dogs who roll in disgusting smelling stuff, cats who throw up in your shoes, and air conditioners that go...

Roads diverging

Living Wisely

28 Aug, 2018

Once again we find ourselves in Ephesians. The church in Ephesus was in the midst of a large, thriving, metropolitan city. It was a great cultural center back in Jesus’ time, and I imagine that the members of that newly formed Christian...


Building Others Up

20 Aug, 2018

What we say is infinite powerful. It truly has the power to shape how another person feels about themselves. Ephesians says this… use your words to build others up, use your words to give them grace (in other words: love and forgiveness and...


Growing Up

06 Aug, 2018

Paul (or whoever wrote Ephesians using Paul's name) is pretty clear in his letter to the Ephesians that spiritual growth is a responsibility to be taken seriously. Just as we have to grow up and become responsible adults through continued...

How Deep is God's Love?

30 Jul, 2018

When I was probably 9 or 10, my friend and I had crushes on two boys. This was back in the day when Mayfair Mall had an ice skating rink inside of it and we agreed to meet them at the rink for open skating. I remember being dressed in my little...

Friendship with Death - Sacred Journeys Spiritual Community

Friendship with Death

02 Jul, 2018

There is no duality in Celtic spirituality… no good and bad, male and female, body and spirit, time and eternity, human and divine, or life and death. In living in a non-dualistic way, each becomes part of the other, all are interwoven into a...