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Sacred Journeys Blog

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 121

14 Jul, 2020

Often on our daily walks we pass a very pregnant, radiant mother and her precious, perhaps precocious three or four year old daughter, both of them decked out in floppy straw hats for sun protection. Sometimes grandma and/or dad are along, both...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 120

13 Jul, 2020

I’m back! It’s kind of funny… even as of last night I wasn’t sure that our little vacation had done what I was hoping it would do. After all, the point of getting away from work is to be refreshed, find new energy, rejuvenate one’s soul, and in...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 119

12 Jul, 2020

Baking bread. Cinnamon. A Christmas tree. A wind dried sheet. Lilacs. Baby flesh after a bath. The clean air after an August thunderstorm. The smell of grandma’s house. The smell of your own house. My father’s tobacco. My mother’s perfume,...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 118

11 Jul, 2020

Peter was a delicate, almost porcelain like, scrawny twelve-year-old boy. He did, however, have a Kennedy boy crop of thick gorgeous wavy reddish-brown hair. He had a sad look about him, wide-eyed but staring off. He never seemed sure of...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 177

10 Jul, 2020

(I continue to be very grateful to Bill Grimbol to his heartfelt contributions to these reflections. ~ Kaye) Christine had just died. We both knew it was going to happen, and expected it, as much as one can grasp the full reality of Death –...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 116

09 Jul, 2020

Listening up. When our ears pay attention and take notice. When we can hear the snow falling. When we hear a solo bird sing, and then swell to a morning symphony. When we can hear the current of the river, the lap of the sea. When we can hear...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 115

08 Jul, 2020

“Open your eyes!” We have all heard this phrase, uttered in irritation or made as a plea, and telling us to lift the veil of denial. We have all chosen to be quite blind to something so obvious. We have all decided to ignore an attitude, a...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 114

07 Jul, 2020

(I’m pleased as punch to introduce you to my dear friend, Rev. Bill Grimbol, who has graciously written the next six days of reflections so that I can take a little vacation. Enjoy!) The Parable of the Prodigal Son is my favorite story in all...

Keeping Our Center ~ Day 113

06 Jul, 2020

Once we’ve asked the question, “God, what do you want of me?” then it seems like the next steps would be to listen for an answer, and be willing to respond (or you may as well not have asked in the first place.) When we think of listening we...

Keeping Our Center ~ 112

05 Jul, 2020

Good Morning! Here’s a scary prayer from the works of Saint Teresa of Avila: I am Yours and born for You. What do You want of me? You’ve heard the saying, “Don’t ask the question if you don’t want to hear the answer.” Seems like this is one of...