Join Us for Worship at:
Meadowbrook Country Club
2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

Worship on Sundays, at 10 a.m. 
in-person at Meadowbrook,
or via Zoom!

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Commitment to Life

29 Jun, 2021

How good, how lovely it is to eat and drink and find satisfaction in everything we do under the sun during the few days of life God gives us - to embrace everything that comes to us! Regardless of how much wealth or possessions God gives us, we...

Commitment to Self-Care

14 Jun, 2021

Love your neighbor as yourself . We tend to forget that last part, don't we? So much of religion is focused away from ourselves – serve others, forgive others, be compassionate to others. So, this second most important commandment (next to...

On Becoming Older

07 Jun, 2021

Becoming… it is what we are all doing. From the moment we’re born until the moment we die (and perhaps even after that) we’re becoming . Our lives are being shaped and molded by our experiences, our thoughts, by other people, and by the things...

On Becoming Broken Open

31 May, 2021

Why do we even want to talk about becoming broken open? Because we all experience brokenness in life. That’s simply life. No one wants it. No one asks for it. But it happens. As Elizabeth Lesser says, during challenging times some people can’t...

On Becoming One

24 May, 2021

It’s Pentecost – traditionally held fifty days after Easter. It is truly a celebration of the movement of the Spirit, also known as Shekinah, Hokmah, Wisdom, Ruah, Sophia, the feminine essence of the Divine. At the very beginning of the Old...

On Becoming Ourselves

17 May, 2021

Wayne Dyer begins his book, Your Sacred Self, with this quote: “All my life I wanted to be somebody. Now I am finally somebody…. But it isn’t me.” It seems like there is much truth to this! We spend the first part of our lives trying to be what...

First Love

10 May, 2021

In Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945, a jar with 13 codices of Gnostic texts was found preserved in a cave. Those writings, after decades of being kept private and shuffled around the globe, eventually reconstructed our entire understanding of the...

Creating Beloved Community

03 May, 2021

We’ve been talking about Beloved Community for the last two weeks. We’ve talked about how we don’t have to think the same, or be the same, but instead how we’re called to be like-hearted in Beloved Community. We’re called to be compassionate,...

Giving and Receiving in Beloved Community

19 Apr, 2021

The story of Peter healing the lame man is fascinating, but unreachable, as a literal story. None of us have ever seen this happen, none of us could presume to go out and heal someone who couldn’t walk. So, how does this have meaning for us...

The Beloved Community

12 Apr, 2021

The Book of Acts chronicles some of the stories of the disciples and the early community of believers following Jesus’ death and resurrection. They had their challenges. The Jewish hierarchy still didn’t appreciate their teachings about Jesus,...