Join us for service at:
Meadowbrook Country Club
2149 N. Green Bay Road
Racine, WI 53405

Sunday Morning Service at 10 a.m.
in-person at Meadowbrook,
or via Zoom!

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Sacred Journeys Blog

Setting People Free

03 Sep, 2019

According to tradition, Luke was a physician. As such, he would have spent his life in the service of others: caring for, ministering to, and healing. To be so drawn to Jesus as to have been baptized, become a follower and written a gospel, I...

Surprised by God

19 Aug, 2019

Personally, I’ve never been a big Second Coming of Christ person. It’s always sounded like wishful thinking by folks who take the Bible literally. If we look at the concept, we see that it emerged out of the theological belief by early...

Be a Miracle

12 Aug, 2019

Can you imagine a crowd of maybe 7 or 8,000 people (I know it says 5,000, but that was without counting women and children), spending the day listening to Jesus in a remote and isolated area, watching as he moved among them, touched them, spoke...

Showing Up for Life

05 Aug, 2019

Here’s the bottom line of what I want to say and then we’re going to back into it: to fully live life, to fully engage the spiritual journey and grow into a wise, emotionally healthy, centered, compassionate human beings, we have to not only...

Perfection and the Beauty of Cracks

30 Jul, 2019

In the fifth chapter of Matthew Jesus addressed the crowds and exhorted them to do some really tough stuff: be reconciled with your brother or sister, don't look lustfully at others, don't break your vows, live non-violently, love your enemies...

You Are Enough

22 Jul, 2019

Brene’ Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston where she has spent has spent the last two decades studying courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. She has a whole chapter in her book Daring Greatly about the metaphorical...

Taking off the Armor

15 Jul, 2019

“People never light a lamp only to put it under a basket or under a bed; they put it on a lampstand so that whoever comes in may see the light.” ~ Luke 8:16 Clearly, Jesus meant this in a deeper than literal way. Metaphorically it means that we...

Seeing All of Time

08 Jul, 2019

The opening passage from the book of Proverbs basically says that the book is to help women and men to learn, to grow in wisdom and self-discipline, to bring confidence, guidance and good sense. But, verse 7 says, "When you stand in awe of...

Terms of Surrender

24 Jun, 2019

Surrender, or learning to release control is more than just letting someone else decide what you’re going to do for dinner, or what color you’re going to paint the walls, or where you’re going to go on vacation. The essence of releasing control...

Course Correction

17 Jun, 2019

Live as children of the light. Keep careful watch over your conduct. Don’t act like fools, but like wise and thoughtful people. ~ Ephesians 5:8b, 15 Yes, we are all children of the light. Given this truth, what would it look like to live our...