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Pregnant with Love

The scripture leading up to Christmas focus on the pregnancy of Mary. And on this fourth Sunday in Advent, we are celebrating Love. Putting the two together, Mary was pregnant with Love… Love that began as a baby and eventually took the form of a gentle, yet rebellious, passionate, tender, caring man.

We could look at this in such a way that says, “Wow, look at this great thing that happened 2,000 years ago.” Or we can look at this in such a way that says, “Wow, look at this great thing that can happen in each of our lives every moment!” 

How? Well, what if we, too, were pregnant with Love? I believe the very core of our being is Divine Essence – Love – layered over with flesh and bone and ego and emotions and experiences – but LOVE (in capital letters) nonetheless. So, what if, as Jan Richardson so eloquently put it, what if the One who called us to life did so in order that Love be born again in us. Perhaps our very purpose, our life’s work, is to birth Love into the world in as many moments, and in as many places as we can.

There are places where this is easy. When we're in a good emotional place ourselves. When we're with people who love us and are good to us. But other places are harder to birth love in because we've been hurt, or mistreated, or are struggling with our own anger, grief, depression, fear or presonal issues.

What if, our purpose is to try and birth love wherever we are, no matter how hard it is, because that is WHO WE ARE?

Jan Richardson says that we are beckoned to the "dance of birthing," but there are so many things that hold us back. In her prayer she names them and invites the Holy One to help.  She asks,

“From fear of the unknown deliver me.

From doubts of my creativity deliver me.

From ridicule by those around me deliver me.

From my excuses about my abilities, my age, my education, my looks, my status deliver me.


With your promise of companionship comfort me.

With your creative spirit bless me.

With your pledge of sustenance strengthen me.

With your embrace of all of me heal me and set me to motion.


May the Essence of All that Is let this be so for all of us so that, like Mary, we might fearlessly birth love into this world in as many moments, and in as many places as we can.

Love & Light!