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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 98

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!

I find myself thinking this morning about Jesus’ relationship with the Divine Presence he called, Abba. Too often this is translated as “Father” when the more appropriate translation is closer to “Daddy.” That changes the whole feel of it, doesn’t it?

The Old Testament Father Sky God was a very demanding, exacting, punishing, jealous, angry God who was likely to smote someone if they got out of line. Yes, there is love and faithfulness from this image of God, but fear and trembling seems to be the typical response to an encounter with this possessive Father who demanded obedience. I had a Catholic friend in high school who turned away from God the Father, and Christianity altogether, because her relationship with her father too closely resembled this Old Testament experience of God. I’ve always felt a little sad about this. She was never given a different way to know God.

Daddy, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Daddy is someone you can confide in, someone you can go to when you are in trouble, or need help. Daddy’s lap is always open for you to climb into to find comfort and warmth. Daddy will tease you, laugh with you, and show you the beauty and wonder in life. Daddy will pick you up when you fall, hold you when you cry, and help you to learn from your mistakes. Daddy’s love is unconditional and unbounded, and Daddy’s joy in you is complete. I believe this is the Divine Daddy Jesus spoke about with love and affection.

Today we honor and are grateful for all the Daddies who have followed this Divine role model.

Love & Light!