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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 75

About two months ago, this photo went viral (I’m a little slow, so I just saw it). It is a picture of Avraham Mintz and Zoher Abu Jama, two paramedics who work together in Israel, using a small break in their busy day to pray. Mintz, a devout Jew, donned his prayer shawl and faced Jerusalem. Abu Jama, an observant Muslim, rolled out his prayer rug and knelt facing Mecca.

This brings me hope. It reminds me of a story about Mother Teresa who was caring for a dying Indian man and she said to him, “You pray in your way, and I’ll pray in my way and together it will be beautiful.”

Over 100,000 people in the US and 360,000 worldwide have died from COVID-19. Prayer is one way to be in solidarity with one another, regardless of the name you use for God, or the words you use, or the direction you face. And there is so much to pray for – the health and well-being of everyone, for those who are unemployed, our first-responders and healthcare workers, those who are grieving and those currently fighting the virus… I could go on and on.

Sometimes I wonder what good prayer will do, if anything. But, first and foremost, I think it changes us. When we pray (whatever that looks like for you) we ground ourselves again in Something More, we look beyond ourselves and recognize the connection we have with all of creation. This simple practice can soften our hearts, remind us to seek understanding, and lift us out of our cynicism and frustration (for a few moments anyway). Second, praying sends the much needed energy of love and compassion out into the world, and I have a feeling that makes more difference than we can even know.

Love & Light!