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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 74

Going a little stir crazy? Tired of wandering the same rooms of your home? Missing face-to-face conversations and hugs? Wishing you could go do something… anything… but especially something without a mask involving someone else making food, serving you, and cleaning up?  Me, too.

Someone once said that the key to happiness is loving what you have instead of wanting what you don’t have. Being forced to stay home is a great exercise in learning to love what we have, to work on the relationships we’ve chosen (including our relationship with the Essence of All That Is), and to learn to love ourselves.

It’s easy some days to get down about our need to isolate. Believe me, I have my moments, too. A few days ago I was so cranky that I didn’t even want to be with myself. I knew it wasn’t serving me or anyone around me, but I was kind of stuck. Gratefully, I’ve never had the sort of disposition to hang on to crabbiness for long. I’m typically a glass half-full kind of person. But I do tend to remind myself on a regular basis that my life is really good. I don’t really need much of anything.

Humor me and take a moment to look around you and name the things you see that you love… a picture on the wall, your favorite chair, a special object given to you by someone special, a picture on the fridge made by your children or grandchildren, a book, a cozy blanket. Be grateful for a moment. Now look at the people you are with (if you are alone, picture a favorite friend or family member), and really see them for a moment. Think about their struggles, their fears, their gifts. Think about what has brought them into your life and what you receive (love and/or lessons) from them. Let your heart soften with love for them. And now, gaze at yourself through non-judgmental eyes of love. See yourself as God sees you - as one who tries hard, is a good person, but isn’t perfect. Thank your body for all it has done and all it continues to do for you. Send compassion and light to yourself.

Doing this on a consistent basis, helps me to remember to love what I have, perhaps it can help you, too.

Love & Light!