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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 70

Day 70! Who knew I could come up with something to say for 70 days? Especially when the days all begin to look the same… over and over and over again. Joan Chittester, in her book, Called to Question, talks about the spiritual challenge of dailiness. She said it is not normally the crises in our lives that get to us, because we know how to summon our reserves of faith and strength and prayer, to get through those. It is dealing with normal life that can get stale and boring. It is doing the same mundane tasks, the same job, the same errands, day in and day out that gets to us. 

Stuck in this “Groundhog’s Day” world as we’ve been, I appreciate this concept even more. I’ve had the spiritual challenge of writing to you every day, which has helped to keep me grounded and centered; still the days mush together. I forget what day of the week it is, and my life outside our small corner called home is defined by how long I can wait to go to the grocery store again.

Dealing with the dailiness, the routines, the mundane, and ordinary, says much about our spiritual state. Do we grit our teeth and keep plodding through the days waiting for something to entertain us and distract us from those things we wish to ignore? Or do we recognize that the Spirit is in everything we plod through, and harness the energy of that Spirit to turn those moments into an appreciation of life itself?

Once again, the way to enjoy even the most ordinary of days and tasks is awareness, intentionality and gratitude. Even trying to figure out what to cook AGAIN becomes sacred when I remember to be grateful we have food to cook, a beautiful kitchen to cook it in and a precious family to feed.

Love & Light!