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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 138

I was raised by a master questioner, so I’m really good at asking questions. This has not always been seen as a positive thing. My high school friends sometimes referred to me as the “interrogator” for my questioning ability when they brought new dates around. I was just trying to get to know them, but I suppose it is all about your perspective. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t restrict my questioning skills to unsuspecting potential boyfriends and girlfriends. Over the years I’ve asked plenty of questions of myself, of God, of religion and of other people. Along the way I’ve learned that what we ask makes a difference in how we live. Believe it or not, I believe we have the ability to change our lives by changing the questions we ask.

For example, you may not have this problem, but I’m prone to questioning the decisions I’ve made or the things that I’ve done. I can barrage myself with questions like: Why did I do that? Why didn’t I respond differently? What would have happened if I’d gone “left” instead of “right”? Did I do the right thing? I can get stuck in this never-ending loop of critical, self-doubting questions when what’s done is done. I can’t edit the past, sadly. But I can move forward more positively. Doing this requires new questions: What did I learn from that situation? What is my next best step? What would Love have me do now? How can I make lemonade from the lemons I just picked?

Here are a few more ideas. Instead of asking what we did wrong today, we can ask what we did right. Instead of asking what won’t work about an idea, we could ask how we can make an idea work. Instead of asking why we can’t accomplish something, we could ask what we need to do in order to accomplish something.

It’s really a matter of putting positive spiritual energy into our lives instead of negative energy. It’s about looking forward with wisdom and hope, instead of looking back with condemnation and regret. It’s about finding ways to make happen the things that are really important to us. The right questions can be very empowering and can open new vistas in our lives that we had convinced ourselves we would never see.

Remember that the ineffable Spirit is expansive, positive, full of possibilities and opportunities, changing the questions to also be positive and expansive can help align us with that energy.

Love & Light!