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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 137

We are fortunate enough to see a few hummingbirds zooming around our flowers every year. This year I decided to buy a feeder for them and hang it just off the back deck so we could see them better. Of course they prefer the flowers.

Just for fun, I decided to do a little research on the hummingbirds. Did you know that they migrate to Central America or Mexico every year? And that they travel alone, flying up to 23 miles per day with their hearts beating up to 1,260 times a minute and their wings flapping 15 to 80 times per second?  They are such delicate little creatures to make such a huge trek and expend so much energy. I simply shake my head in impressed amazement.

I got to thinking that perhaps they’re an example for us in these challenging times. I imagine that they don’t really know how far they are traveling, just that they’ll know when they get there. And, clearly they have an inner guidance system that they rely upon for their path. And while their journey is solitary, that doesn’t seem to bother them. It’s just the way it is.

In these days of COVID-19 we’re all on a long, long journey without a road map. We don’t know how things are going to play out, or how long this is going to last, but we’ll know the end when we see it! To survive this time well, it helps to rely on something we also can’t see – our inner wisdom, Divine Guidance, Universal Consciousness, Our Higher Self, God, Goddess, Spirit, Love Energy. It has a multitude of names and images, but the One is always present to strengthen, comfort, calm, guide, and support us in the journey.

Finally, these spiritual journeys of ours are inherently solitary. We may walk with others, learn from others, and care and support others along the way, but the transformation that can happen on this crazy journey happens deep inside.

Those little hummingbirds give me strength, hope and courage for this journey. Certainly, if they can fly thousands of miles alone, we too can drum up the courage to keep moving forward one step at a time, not knowing what each new day will bring, but trusting in the invisible wings of the Spirit to bear us up to where we need to be.

Love & Light!