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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 105

So, here’s an interesting thought, see if you can follow me… if dying is our final stage of growth, and we experience small deaths throughout our lifetime, and we could consider this time of isolation a certain type of death (of the way things were, of things canceled, etc.), then perhaps this could be an intense time of personal growth.

Growing involves stripping away layers of ourselves to become more authentic. Without the blanket of busyness we used to wrap up in, we’re forced to spend more time with ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, and our shadow sides. This may not be easy for some of us.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote, “Transformation of our lives for the good begins as we commit ourselves to the experiencing of our own identity, a commitment to answering the question: Who am I? Now. Here. This is the first level of religious commitment.”

If we’re truly interested in spiritual transformation, we’ll not shy away from the tough stuff at this time. Instead we’ll tackle the tough questions that arise. Why am I grumpy today? Why are my buttons getting pushed so easily? Why am I feeling so down? Who is God to me during all this? Who am I without all of the things I used to do? What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? What is really important?

Think about it. Talk about it. Write about it. To me, the exploration of these questions, and the growth that is possible, is so very worthwhile.

Love & Light!