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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 102

For a long time when I’d talk to people on the phone during this pandemic they’d ask how I was doing and my answers were pretty boring. “Fine.” “Not much new here.” “Same old, same old.”

More recently I’ve discovered that it is still possible to do new things, and those new things make me feel more alive, more hopeful and happier. I was also at the neurologist with my dad a few days ago and she told him that the best things for his brain (aside from exercise) are trying new things and doing things that challenge him.

If you ask me how I’m doing now I’ll say that I’m learning to watercolor, that Julie and I bought an inflatable kayak that we’ve taken out once and are planning more trips, and my daughter and I went strawberry picking (which I’ve done many times, but not for a few years).

We can’t simply hold our breath and put life on hold until we can do all the things we used to. It’s time to put energy into that which we CAN do. Learn to bake bread, take an online course (there are plenty out there right now), try writing poetry, plant some vegetables (there are still a few plants left out there), take up bird watching, learn to meditate, make a new recipe, whatever interests you!

Challenge yourself to find something new to try this week; it’s good for your soul and it’s good for your brain!

Love & Light!