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Keeping Our Center ~ Day 100

We’ve reached 100 days of these daily reflections, which means we haven’t had Sunday mornings, or classes, or fellowship time in-person for over 100 days. We haven’t been able to hug each other, or even shake a hand or offer a compassionate touch on the arm for over 100 days. That’s longer than I could have imagined. Certainly longer than I want… and it is going to get longer. 

There is a palpable sense of grief to these pandemic days. We grieve the now seemingly easy days of moving about the world with very little worry of getting sick. We grieve the simple act of going out to eat with friends. We grieve the lost time with grandchildren and children. We grieve what our kids have lost in school, time with friends, sports and theater and all the fun things one can only do in person. Not to mention the grief we feel over the death of almost a half million people around the world.

There is also a palpable sense of grief to the racial situation in this country. We grieve something we’ve never had, a world where color doesn’t matter. We grieve the trust that was never there to lose. We grieve the fear that accompanies being a parent of a child of color. We grieve the friendships we could have if only the world were different. We grieve the trauma that people of color have suffered for centuries, and will continue to suffer. 

Clarence Forsberg tells a story of visiting a little chapel out in the Pacific Northwest. It was a frame church and had stained glass windows and a beautiful altar. As he left the church, he stopped to sign the guest register. Leafing through the pages to see if he recognized any of the names, he spied one particular entry. No name was listed, just the date and these words, “Thank you for a place to cry.”

Some days our souls simply need a safe place to cry. Even Jesus wept. This, too, is sacred.