Kinetic Spirituality

Who knew that so many people could have so much fun doing the hokey pokey in church? Everyone stood up yesterday and helped me with the Children’s Time, dancing the hokey pokey and talking about “putting your whole self” into God and your spirituality.

In so many ways, traditional religion has tried to regulate our joy. One way they’ve done that is by ingraining into generations of people that the way to be truly holy, reverent and spiritual is to be quiet, prayerful and contemplative. People sit in church barely moving (even to really upbeat songs), feeling like it might be blasphemous to shake hands, laugh, dance or clap. We’ve essentially been asked by the church to remove our bodies from the mind-body-spirit connection. How can we possibly be whole when we are dis-membered from ourselves?

I think that is why it felt so wonderful to dance the hokey pokey yesterday. And then after the sermon on “Kinetic Spirituality” we passed out rhythm instruments and danced to “Twist and Shout.” People were dancing in the aisles! We closed the service by singing and marching around the room. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure people could fully engage in some of this craziness, but even some of the most stoic people told me how much fun they had. Personally, I think it is because they could put their whole selves into the experience, mind, spirit and body!

I know our lives are filled with challenges, up-hill climbs, hurts and struggles, but it is the one great life we’ve been given and we should celebrate it. Let your movement initiate a movement of the spirit. Dance, sing, run, jump, play, laugh… without hesitation, ambivalence or reservation. Put your whole self into it! And wear your dancing shoes to service, I think we need more kinetic opportunities!

Peace ~ Kaye