Fun in church

We did it again… we had fun in church. I’m sure many of my contemporaries would have been chagrined at the clapping, laughing, teasing, and secular music. It sort of begs the question of what it really means to worship?

I’ve never bought the concept that God “needs” or “wants” our worship. Do we have a narcissistic God whose ego must be constantly stroked in order to bestow blessings upon the people? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? For ancient people that was certainly the case, but I think most of us have moved beyond that understanding.

Nor have I ever understood why some people believe that the only true worship includes sitting in the pew, solemn, serious and repentant – no smiling, laughing, shaking hands, clapping or drinking coffee allowed. And for God’s sake, don’t dance in the aisles! Especially not to a song like “Dancing Queen” like we did yesterday! Oh, it feels so good to be in a place where we can break free from some of these confining worship restrictions.

And, I guess that’s it for me. Worship is about breaking free, if only for a few moments, from the tethers of the daily grind. It is about remembering there is Something More and connecting to that through music, prayer, deep thinking and community. It is about stepping outside of our isolating little worlds revolving around each other like planets in the solar system, and for a moment recognizing that we’re all part of the same universe; individuals, yet intimately interconnected.

Reconnecting in this way brings strength, perspective, hope and comfort. It lightens one’s soul, gives the weary a little hope, reminds us to take ourselves a little less seriously, and sends our roots deeper into the Ground of our Being.

Love and Light,