Expansion vs. Contraction

Yesterday we were blessed to have Markus Kasunich (spiritual guide, life coach, energy worker and all-around-exuberant guy) as our guest speaker. Markus spoke to us about the Power of Self-Awareness… I’m going to attempt to summarize his sermon, but if you’d like to listen to the full audio version, please click here.

Self-awareness is to see, feel and be conscious of our personal state of being and what is going on inside of us. Sadly, it is very easy to plod our way through life having no clue why we make the decisions we make, why we feel the way we do, or why we behave and react in certain ways. Awareness says that we are now going to bring these things to consciousness.

When we bring these things to consciousness, we recognize that we live our lives and make our decisions either out of love or out of fear. Markus insists that there is no middle option, just degrees of the two.

There is no right and wrong in making a decision out of love or fear; however, the natural state of the universe is love. Love, by nature is expansive… it grows, changes, is unlimited, bursts forth with creativity and is filled with joy. Fear is contractive by nature and causes things to shrink, to be confined, to be limited.

In a state of self-awareness, we are conscious not only of what we are doing, but whether it is rooted in love or fear.  Only then, with consciousness, are we able to change (if we so desire) how we are living. The power of self-awareness comes as the manifestation of the ability to choose.

Markus’ invitation to us was to be aware, that we might then choose to live an expansive life – opening doors, creating new opportunities, healing our souls, developing new relationships and deepening old ones, and knowing more fully the depth of the Divine.

Thank you for your words of wisdom, Markus.