Spirituality and the Election

I feel it would be remiss of me to completely ignore the Presidential election taking place tomorrow. I know a few of you are now panicking… “oh, no, what is she going to say?” Don’t worry, I’m not endorsing any particular candidate. That would be against the IRS rules, although 1600 pastors across the country decided to defy those rules in early October and tell their congregations exactly who to vote for. And, don’t worry, I’m not even going to harp on the issues. There’s been enough of that and I’m not sure anyone is really listening to anything anymore.

Here’s just a reflection or two before I encourage you to get out there and vote.

As a spiritual person, I feel like this election has taken its toll on my soul. I’ve probably paid more attention to this election than any other in my lifetime. I’ve watched the debates and I’ve tried to find more objective news sources for online reports.  I’ve tried to shut my brain off at the TV ads,  ignore the phone calls ( I don’t care if it is Clint Eastwood), and toss the mailers without reading them because the tactics used on both sides is reproachful. I’m sickened by the mud-slinging and want nothing to do with it.

The spiritual connection that I feel with my Source is filled with peace, harmony, love and compassion. I try to live as much as possible from this place of connectedness, but it is hard with the intensity of this election felt at every turn – bumper stickers, signs, buttons, conversations, email, Facebook – everything. Some people may call me sensitive, but the tension in the country is draining. Right now it feels like a massive tug-of-war between two ideologies and I feel like part of the rope that has been stretched to breaking.  Some people may say that my spirituality has nothing to do with politics, that I’m being naive or ignorant to want peace, harmony, love and compassion to be any part of this. But I don’t know how to divorce that part of me from the rest of my life.

I would like to be hopeful today.  But I’m saddened instead. We’ve been flooded with the divisiveness of the campaigns and left wondering if anyone can ever work together anymore? Can we all value (at least some of) the same things ever again? Can the country be put back on track by anyone? Can we trust or believe in anything or anyone?

I’m done. I’ve voted. Now I’m praying – joining my energy with God’s in continuing to work in the mess that is this world. It is perhaps the only trust I have left… trust that the divine can create from chaos with our help. We are each co-creators with God, instruments of peace and justice, arms of love. What we create next will be up to all of us, no matter how this election turns out.

Now… go vote.