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Native American teachings & music

This last Sunday we were honored to have guests David and Amy Maack with us to share some Native American stories, experiences and music. David is a former City of Racine Alderman and is active in the community. His grandfather was born and raised on the White Earth Ojibwe Reservation in northwestern Minnesota and the Maack’s frequently return there for cultural camps. Amy is a professional vocalist and a choir teacher at Starbuck Middle School. Her grandparents came from Piedras Negras, Mexico and she is Lipan Apache.

(For the full audio version of the sermon and the “Strong Women’s Song,” click here.)

To begin, two of our youth assisted as the congregation held small bits of tobacco, placed our intentions and prayers into them and then returned them to a different bowl. David promised to find a special place later that day and smoke the tobacco, bringing our intentions and prayers to the Creator.










David also shared a wonderful story with the kids about how turtle’s shell got its pattern.









With a powerful voice, Amy sang an amazing rendition of “Amazing Grace” in both Cherokee and English, and shared the Strong Women’s Song with us at the end.








As David shared more stories with us, we were all reminded once again that we are all part of creation and yet we each have a unique, individual role to fulfill. Their messages were filled with love and compassion and a true desire to bring people together.  A heartfelt thank you to both of them for sharing of themselves and reminding us of who we are and who we were created to be.