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The message and the challenge of Christmas is to believe that if one child in a manger could make such a difference, so can you. This is the meaning of incarnation… the one we don’t like to think about.

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Incarnation is the embodiment of the divine in human form. We usually reserve this designation for Jesus. inner lightBut the truth is that the divine is in each one of us. Call it the Divine Spark, call it Consciousness, call it Love Energy, call it the Ground or Essence of our Being, but however you spin it, God and flesh meet in each one of us. And here is where we’ve missed the entire meaning of Christmas. It is not about virgin births, smelly stables, stars and shepherds (though that makes for a really good story), Christmas is about being given a light to guide us in the veiled darkness of our minds… our minds that have forgotten who and what we are.

You see, there seem to be a very few exceptional people who figure it out. Jesus was one of them. He knew that he was the embodiment of the divine. He was a meeting of flesh and spirit. And so are we.

Richard Rohr says it this way, “What Jesus allows us to imagine—because we see it in him—is that the divine and the human are forever one. For most Christians, though, Jesus is totally divine, but not totally human. We deny his humanity and overly assert his divinity—instead of the very synthesis that he came to exemplify, announce, and share! We’ve paid a big price for such dualistic thinking because when we can’t put it together in him, we can’t put it together in ourselves either. And that’s the whole point! You and I are simultaneously  children of heaven and children of earth, divine and human coexisting in a well hidden disguise.”

We have been told over and over again that God came to earth in the form of a child, so that we might be saved. And this is true… but not in the way that first comes to mind. The saving that Jesus came to do was to remind us that the light resides in us. That we are not just these bodies walking around, but we are light and life, we are divine and human. He called us back to ourselves… abide in God, as God abides in you. The Kingdom of Heaven is within. You are the light of the world.

The spark of the divine is in each person. What if we lived believing that and lived believing we have the power of love within us to change the world?

We are light. We are love. We make the most difference when we are in line with that.