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The One Story

In our world of individualism, it feels like my story is different from your story which is different from everyone else’s story. But that is the illusion. Each story is simply a thread in the tapestry of the One Story of Life. When I remember this, it is easier for me to remember why the Old Testament stories are important.

You see, I find myself in the midst of Genesis and the tale of Jacob, and I am apt to ask what importance this has for my life today. Jacob was an important figure for Judaism, but is so ancient as to seem to have no impact on my life today. But if I dig underneath the reported events of his life the real story emerges, the story of trickery, deceit, betrayal, love, forgiveness, faith and folly. Is that not the story of all our lives?

Megan McKenna asks us the questions, “What word are we in the Story? What will be told of us when we have become the ground of “once upon a time?”

A friend who heard the sermon yesterday was reminded of Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society and sent me this wonderful link: “The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse, What will your verse be?” Robin Williams asks his class.

If you’ve read the book, or seen the movie, Eat, Pray Love you may remember Liz, the main character’s, discussion with her Italian friends about the words that define certain cities: ambition for New York, conform for Stockholm, sex for Rome. Suddenly one asks her what her word is, and she doesn’t know.

We continue to be asked for the deeper meaning in our lives, do we know what it is, what our word or our verse is? I’ve done funerals for people who believed they had no story to tell, that their life was too normal, too boring. But we all bring our threads, whether we know it or not. And if we don’t know it, we simply need to look harder.

Love & Light,