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Bunnies and tears

Some days are Easters and some days are Days of Tears. It is how life works. It is also why this last weekend holds so much power and meaning for those who walk the journey from Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, to his execution on the cross, to his resurrection. It is a perfect example of the ups and downs in life. From the high of Palm Sunday, to the absolute bottom of the Day of Tears, to the even greater height of Easter morning. One can start to feel a little dizzy from this roller coaster ride of Holy Week.

Life itself can get kind of dizzying. One day things are great and the next it feels like the bottom has fallen out. We dream about times when things could remain happy, stable and calm for long amounts of time (without getting boring, of course). But something invariably happens to mess up our tranquility. Perhaps one of the best messages of Holy Week is to just trust and keep moving forward. Sometimes a way is found through the difficulty that we could never have imagined – a clear sign that the Divine is at work. No matter what, it is inevitable that we emerge on the other side if we simply keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Love & Light!