Pastor Kaye's Blog

Can these bones live?

Dry bones. Do you ever feel like those lifeless, hopeless dry bones that Ezekiel sees in his vision (Ez. 37:1-14)? Maybe you are burnt out, or grieving, or are dealing with an extended illness. Maybe you’ve moved, or burdened with baggage from the past that has hit you again. Maybe you’re just sick and tired of the long, cold days of a winter that seems to be lasting forever.

Whatever it is, you wonder, can these dry bones ever live again? Will I ever know love again? Will I ever feel secure again? Will I ever be whole? Will I ever find creativity or energy or motivation again? Will I ever laugh again? Sometimes, from our viewpoint as “mere mortals” (as God calls Ezekiel) it sure seems impossible. But we lack the perspective of the Divine who is often able to see possibilities and opportunities that lie beyond our sight.

Often times the dry bones in our lives have a message for us if we will only listen. They may be telling us we need to slow down, get some sleep, eat better, get some exercise and take care of ourselves. They may be telling us that it is time to make a decision that we’ve been putting… you know, the difficult, life changing decisions that send your world reeling, but that you know you need to make. They may be telling us to get some help, someone to help us work through the issues in our lives. Or they may simply be telling us to sit tight, wait and trust.

As Ezekiel watches the vision unfold, God rejoins the bones with sinew, muscle and skin, then breathes new life into them. Instantaneously that which was dry and lifeless is now whole and alive. Life is hardly ever this expedient. But restoration and new life does happen, it’s just that it most often it creeps up on you when you aren’t paying attention. It’s like the winter snow slowly receding until suddenly you realize it is almost gone. Or the hours of daylight as they gradually lengthen from the depths of winter to the coming of spring. Each day gets imperceptibly longer until one day you realize how much longer the days have become.

Through the eyes of the Divine, life is always possible again.