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Agents of Hope

At Christmas time we always talk about how the baby Jesus brought hope to the world. But I figured something out this Christmas season… all babies bring hope to the world. And we were all babies once. That means (if my logic class from college did anything for me) that we, too, are agents of hope.

Work with me here… you’ve all held a baby at some point in time, right? And, did you not see and feel – in those moments of holding those children – the feeling of hope? Even as they get older, we find ourselves inspired by their love, kindness, wisdom and wonder. Children have an inherent connection with the pulse of the universe and of love until they grow up enough that it becomes obscured by layers of fear and rules imposed by society and families. Children have an innocence and an idealism that allows them to have radical hope in outrageous possibilities.

As I thought through this, what struck me forcefully is this… just as we look to those children for hope, someone once held each of us and looked at us in the same way. Since our birth (if not before) we have carried the ability to bring others hope). It’s not about always looking to someone else or to God, but looking to tap into the Divine within. It requires us to find the child within us, to reclaim the innocent belief that the world is a good place, that the world is a just place, that all people are just people and that the impossible can happen. Sometimes we need to put aside our rationale and justifications and sense of “reality” and live again the human vulnerability that allows us to BE HOPE.. to LIVE HOPE.

Perhaps the question today is how can we bring someone else an ounce of hope? I really don’t think it takes much. A phone call to encourage or comfort someone, a smile in the grocery store, care and concern shown to a patient, student or client, let someone know you believe in them or help someone who could use a hand. Hope, as Jan Richardson says, “starts small, even as a seed in the womb, but it feeds on outrageous possibilities. It beckons us to step out with the belief that the action we take will not only bear fruit but that in taking it, we have already made a difference in the world.”

Love & Light,