Pastor Kaye's Blog


Morning Everyone,

Well, we hate to do it, especially since it is the last Sunday in Advent, but we’re canceling the service this morning. With the snow continuing to fall for the next several hours, we just don’t want anyone to risk the roads to get there. Have a nice cup of coffee or tea or hot chocolate and take a few minutes to just be this morning. If you feel like it, light a candle for HOPE today… this was our Advent Candle reading:

Hope starts small, even as a seed in the womb, but it feeds on outrageous possibilities. It beckons us to step out with the belief that the action we take will not only bear fruit but that in taking it, we have already made a difference in the world. God invites us, like Mary, to open to God’s radical leading, to step out with sometimes inexplicable faith, trusting that we will find sustenance.

We light this candle for all of the hopes in our hearts – hope for love, for peace, for purpose, for healing, for transformation, for reconciliation, for forgiveness, for compassion, hope that once again, a small light in the world will make a difference.

Remember, Christmas Eve service is at 7 p.m. and so far the weather looks good! Hope to see you there, but if you are traveling or with family know that you are in our hearts and that our spirit goes with you.

Please be safe today.