Pastor Kaye's Blog

A quiet morning

This was only the second time in 16 years of ministry that I’ve canceled church. It’s a hard call to make, and I had people upset with me the first time (go figure). But, after watching the news, anxiously surveying the sky, measuring the snow on the driveway, and agonizing over the “right” thing to do, we made the call to keep people home and safe.

Suddenly, there it was, all of 7:35 a.m. and I was wide awake on a Sunday morning with nowhere to go! It was very strange indeed. Yet, it turned into a beautiful, quiet, sacred time as we sat with our coffee and tea, thankfully nestled in a warm house watching the huge flakes of snow swirling to the ground and the brave birds coming to our feeder. I put four candles on our coffee table and lit them for the four weeks in Advent: darkness, desire, preparing and hope. Yes, there was much work put into the service we had planned for day, but this was a nice, peaceful respite from the busy season. There’s nothing like a good snowstorm to keep you in and slow you down.

I hope you find time to slow down and just be. Light a candle for hope and know that it burns brightly not just before your eyes but within your heart.