Pastor Kaye's Blog

The Quest Begins!

Oddly enough I find myself sort of excited today, almost like a little kid about to leave on a trip for Disney World. But in this case, I’m looking at myself crosswise because I’m excited about something that in the past has been more of a burden and obligation.

What starts today is a program I’m doing with three teenage girls (including my daughter) in our community that we are calling Quest. In a previous life and church we would have called this Confirmation. It would have been a program where the youth had to learn certain things about the church including history, creeds, structure and hierarchy of the church, what exactly the church stands for and believes, and what specifically it meant to be a member of that denomination. Yawn. I was so grateful for student pastors who were younger than I was and had some passion to try to make that fun and interesting for the kids.

But the concept of confirmation didn’t fit with the Sacred Journeys vision. We understand that spirituality, first and foremost, is a journey. And that each person’s journey is distinctly unique. This has left me free to think about ways to teach youth about spirituality instead of doctrine. I can throw away all the old rules and take them on a quest to find not only the Divine, but themselves in the process. Today we begin and I have plans for pudgie pies and ‘smores while we set some stepping-stones for the journey. Wednesday we’ll head to the Hindu temple. Later this summer we’ll experience an outdoor labyrinth and have a fireside chat with parents and mentors. Hopefully before summer ends we’ll have time for some art and spirituality. I’m afraid I have more ideas than I have time!

Truly, I only have a sketchy idea of what I’m doing, but isn’t most of life about punting and making it up as we go along. I’m hoping the girls will come up with some of their own ideas as we go along through this next year. Who knows? For now we have our Inclusive Bibles, journals, highlighters, colored pens and each other. Why shouldn’t I be excited?

Peace ~Kaye