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Wisdom for a New Year

Always remember…

You’re braver than you believe.

Stronger than you seem.

And smarter than you think.

~ Christopher Robin (A.A. Milne)

You know, wisdom can be found in so many sources… even some very unlikely sources. Winnie the Pooh was one of my very favorite characters when I was growing up. This was before Pooh was on video, so I had all the books. There is something terribly endearing (and familiar) about this somewhat daft, but extremely well-meaning bear who seems to get into all sorts of trouble without even trying.

The quote above, Christopher Robin’s charge to Pooh, seems good advice for all of us as we enter a new year. Perhaps even without wanting to admit it, these words from a child’s story ring true deep in our hearts. Yes, there is more in each of us than we typically recognize or want to believe. Certainly it is easier to believe the negative things about ourselves, the litany of not-good-enoughs that run through our heads. Christopher Robin is adamant we remember that what we need lies within each of us. Whatever situation we may come across, we have the capacity to make it through, to meet a challenge, to solve a problem.

Christopher Robin’s words draw us back to ourselves, back to the Divine Spark within each of us. Wherever we go, and whatever we come up against, we can draw upon the courage, strength and wisdom that lies within. We are enough. We just need to believe.

Happy 2013!