Pastor Kaye's Blog

The invisible becomes visible

After grumbling and whining about going out to walk before 7 a.m. this morning, I came home excited, renewed and refreshed. It was one of the most magical walks I’ve ever taken. It rained last night and, with the humidity as high as it is, nothing was dry. Sparkling in the rising sunlight, the grasses and trees appeared to be draped in millions of tiny crystals. But most amazing of all were the spider webs, dusted in water their intricate designs shone in the light, hanging suspended between the grasses and plants. Please understand, I walk here almost every day and have never seen them, yet suddenly there they were – everywhere!  Hundreds of them! A whole invisible world had miraculously become visible. I felt like I’d just walked into a fairy wonderland. I tried to capture it with my phone camera to share with you, but it doesn’t do justice to the wonder I experienced.

In a split second, the walk that began grudgingly, transformed into a very spiritual walk. Those spider webs reminded me of the mysterious presence of the divine, that love energy, that invisible force that I believe permeates all things. Some people believe it is there, some people don’t. But sometimes, usually when we least expect it, and if we’re paying attention, we can catch a glimpse of that presence. There were some bikers and joggers out this morning who were moving too fast and looked way too focused (or in pain) to take notice of this amazing thing happening right under their noses.

As the sun began to dry up the land, I watched as slowly, but surely, the spider webs disappeared from sight once again. Perhaps if I look closer from now on, I’ll be more able to see what is normally unseen. But even if I can’t see them, I know with unflinching certainty that they are there… just like God.