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Logging in to pray

I left the house at 6:45 this morning to get my three-mile walk in while it was still only 81 degrees. Truly, it was a beautiful morning and one of those rare peaceful times when I could consciously plug into creation. It’s an amazing thing to recognize that my body, at its most basic building block, is made of the very same stuff as the trees, birds, water and dirt. And it’s an awe-inspiring concept to think of the energy of the universe (quantum physics tells us that everything is energy), the energy of God (if you will), is in and around and through everything. Yes, everything… even the people who drive us nuts. Anyway I could feel that this morning, and that was my prayer time.

Theologian Matthew Fox says, “Prayer is the process of rerooting oneself… the essence of prayer, is the way we are altered to see everything from its life-filled dimension, to feel the mysteries of life as they are present within and around us… Prayer is the process of becoming alive, of rooting ourselves in life.”

So many folks worry about how to pray, as if there is a way to do it right. Sorry, there is no magic position, place, words or formula. But there is a goal. The goal is to reroot oneself, to get grounded again in the Divine, your Source, your Higher Self, Love Energy, or whatever you want to call it.

Here’s how I see it… I believe we are all have a spark of the Divine within us. When we pray we connect with that spark, which is energetically connected to everything, because God is IN everything. The Divine hears, or knows, or senses our needs/intentions for ourselves and others and connects us to those who can help us, sends us the comfort, strength or courage we need, or delivers our love to those we are sending it to.  This may sound a little crazy, but I think it is sort of like the internet. Bear with me for a second… perhaps prayer is like logging on to the internet where we are instantly connected by invisible energy waves to everything. From that connection we can draw support, encouragement, guidance, etc., or we can send messages, or seek help and information.

Whereas we can shut off our computers and disconnect from the web, we are always connected to the energetic web of Love, Spirit, God. However, the more we are conscious of our connection, the more we are rooted in the Divine as the essence of life, the more apt I believe we are to see the Spirit working in our lives. We may find that there are more “coincidences”, we feel more positive, we are able to be more loving and patient toward others, and we are more likely to follow our intuition and God nudges (ok, sometimes those are more like a swift kick).

So, log in, often! You can do that by dancing, hugging, walking, being quiet, listening to music, painting, gardening, biking, talking with a friend, yoga, meditation… just about anything as long as you are conscious of God/Love with you, in you and around you. Oh, and you don’t even have to say “Amen” if you don’t want to!

~ Peace, Kaye