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To doubt or not to doubt?

I heard it again in class today, “doubting is bad”. Religion has told us this for ages.  Believe what the priest/pastor tells you. Do not question. Do not doubt. If you do, it shows that you do not have enough faith. And not having enough faith is bad (presumably because then you will not get to heaven, or have your prayers answered, or be healed, or whatever).

I categorically reject everything I just wrote. Please doubt! Please question! And please do not let go of your doubts and questions until you come to some understanding, or they become irrelevant. If I hear that people are doubting and questioning God and religion then I know two things. First, I know they are thinking, and I really believe that God wants us to use our minds about everything including spirituality and religion.  And, second, I know that they are engaging God instead of drawing away completely and giving up. Holding questions in our consciousness gives God the opportunity to provide answers either through an event in our lives, through something we read, someone we talk to, through a dream or even through flashes of insight. It may take us a long time to find the answers, and some answers may simply lead to more questions, but that is how we grow. (If a religious leader ever tells you not to doubt or question – run!)

I also don’t believe that God would ever withhold anything from us because we doubt and question. Over and over again in scripture, God takes people just as they are, meets them there and helps them to move forward on their journey. I trust that whether we are confused, angry, sad, scared or lost, God will not beat us up for not having enough faith. Instead, God will meet us there and help us to move forward, one baby step at a time.