Pastor Kaye's Blog

Looking forward, not back

Well, ok, I admit it, I can be a sentimental sap.  I have a really hard time throwing out my kid’s old Christmas ornaments even though I never knew what they were in the first place, and some are now so dilapidated that I can’t pick them up without them simply falling to pieces! I’m the one that likes to recount the goofy stories of high school past. And, I’ve kept all my journals since I was in grade school, even though they really should be ceremonially burnt.

The turn of the New Year is the traditional time to wallow in sentimentalism, to look back and see the changes in our lives, recount the good times and give thanks that the challenging times are over.  We like to sing Auld Lang Syne, because part of us yearns for what we believe were the “good old days” when life was simpler. So, I hope we’ve all gotten it out of our systems, because now it is time to let go of the sentimental mush and look forward, not back. About the only thing that comes from looking back for any length of time is that you’ll trip over yourself or run into something. Nope, the past is the past, can’t change it, can’t edit it, can’t erase it, just have to let it be and move on.

I’m excited about looking ahead to a year of new possibilities for Sacred Journeys.  We are beginning to establish ourselves in the greater community as a unique place to know God. Now we are only limited by looking back, therefore not seeing the path that the Spirit is laying before us. I still picture the Spirit as an unpredictable, courageous, creative woman in red heels and a boa.  And if we follow her leading, I trust we will be taken to places we couldn’t dream of going alone. “I alone know my purpose for you, says YHWH, my purpose for your prosperity and my purpose not to harm you, my purpose to give you hope with a future in it.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Happy New Year! ~ Kaye