Pastor Kaye's Blog

Sacred Uncertainty

It is possible that the most uncomfortable place to be in one’s life is “in-between.” In-between is that gray space, Dr. Seuss called it the “Waiting Place”, it’s the gap that exists in the middle of two places – physically or emotionally.

I used to think that this in-between space only happened every once and a while, but I’m beginning to believe that it is almost a constant experience in some part of our lives. Just think of all of our in-between times: in-between jobs, waiting for medical tests, waiting for death, waiting for life, adjusting to life after death, adjusting to life after a break up or divorce, in-between school years or homes. I’m sure you can name many more. Truly, this crazy in-between space can be awfully uncomfortable, frustrating and even scary. It can be a time of tension, a time of grieving, and a time of confusion.

Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, is another in-between time.  It is a “now and not yet time.” God is here now, and yet we find ourselves waiting, for God to break into our lives again on Christmas day.  We’re waiting and hoping to feel that Christmas magic again.  It’s the feeling that for just a few moments all is right with the world, it is the sure knowing that God is present with us, it is the light that can break into the darkest recesses of our souls.

Perhaps, in this in-between place of Advent, and any other in-between places we may be experiencing, we can wait with “sacred  uncertainty.” Sacred uncertainty takes place when we invite God into the gap with us and allow God to transform the scary, uncomfortable, confusing in-between space into a holy space. It is no longer a negative place to be, but a blessed place with a purpose all it’s own. God climbs into the gap with us, scoops us up, cradles us gently and helps us to prepare our hearts and souls to move forward.

May you have a blessed Advent.

~ Kaye