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Racine Journal Times Article

I’m so grateful to Lee Roberts and Scott Anderson, the reporter and photographer who did such a wonderful job on the article in today’s Racine Journal Times! (Check out the link below.)  One slight correction, I had applied and received approval for a sabbatical in December 2010, but was still working at Franksville UMC until June 2011. At the time that I applied for a sabbatical, it was to give myself a year to determine whether or not I would stay in the United Methodist Church.  I was under a great deal of stress at the time and really could not make a logical decision about what to do next with my life.  I joked with many people that “handing out carts at Walmart sounds pretty good right about now!” I could never have believed that this is where I would be one year later.

Everything else in that article is just about spot-on, though there were 80 people in worship last Sunday!  It is so exciting to watch this blossom and grow.  Thank you to the entire community for your efforts and energy.