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Christmas is coming!

It is only 5 days until Christmas.  A naked pine tree stands forlornly in the middle of my living room. I haven’t started making Christmas cookies, which is worrying my 12 year-old. If I procrastinate long enough, the question of whether to send Christmas cards or not will be a mute point. And there are plenty of loose ends for Christmas Eve with the community and Christmas with the family that need to be tied up.  Normally, I would have entered panic mode at this point. It could be that I’m too tired to care.  But I don’t think so.

I think that there have been so many changes in my life this year that I’m coming to Christmas with a new perspective and in some ways it is like seeing it for the very first time.  True, there is a little part of me that is sad and missing some parts of Christmases past.  But the rest of me feels free again to experience the wonder and magic of Christmas. I’m enjoying watching as the house is slowly (ok, really slowly) transformed inside and out by lights, decorations and the fresh smell of pine. I’m looking foward to making cookies with my daughter just to see her excitement and joy.  I can hardly contain myself and want to give everyone their gifts now, because (selfishly) giving to others makes me feel good inside.  And, finally, I can once again look forward to a Christmas Eve candlelight service laced with love and that magical Christmas hope and peace.

It’s been said that if you want to truly experience Christmas, you have to put yourself in it’s path.  Perhaps that’s what I’ve done this year.  Instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching the parade go by, I got on the path and let Christmas sweep me up, swirl me around in its spirit and now I’m simply smiling as I’m carried along.  Come, join me.  Put yourself in the path of Christmas, see it with new eyes, come experience the light coming back into the world on Christmas Eve.  Open your hearts and be filled with wonder once again. With love and peace ~ Kaye

Christmas Eve Worship Service

7 p.m. at Meadowbrook Country Club, Racine