Pastor Kaye's Blog

Stopping to reflect and be thankful

Living fully in the present moment is probably the most important spiritual practice any of us could ever master. Why? because living in the present moment grounds us.  It forces us to stop thinking about the “what ifs” of the future or the “I should’ves” of the past.  Even when I’ve been in the midst of the greatest upheavals in my life (like…oh… say the last two years), when I distill life down into the present moment I find that there are things to be grateful for that I had taken for granted and all but forgotten.

It always comes back to gratitude.  When I stop worrying or fretting about what might happen next and I stop dwelling on the mistakes I’ve made in the past, I realize just how amazing everything is that I do have. Just the fact that I can breathe and it brings oxygen to every cell in my body and keeps me alive and kicking is enough to bring wonder to my soul.  Then there are the people who surround me with love – my friends and family.  Even my crazy, delinquent dog is enough to make me smile when I really think about the unconditional love she gives not just me, but everyone. Sadly, the things that I am most thankful for in those few minutes of reflection, are usually the things I take most for granted.

Today I am exceedingly thankful for the spiritual community that is gathering and calling themselves Sacred Journeys. Thank you for being open-minded, curious, flexible and willing to grow and change.  Thank you for volunteering, for participating, for visioning, for inviting your friends, and for your excitement about Sacred Journeys. Thank you for trusting me to lead us, design our worship, share my thoughts and theology, and carry our ever-evolving vision of who we are and want to be. Thank you especially to our founders who believed strongly enough in the concept of a progressive, inclusive church to put hours and hours of energy and work into the creation of Sacred Journeys. I am blessed.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.