Pastor Kaye's Blog

The God Wavelength

One of the Christian tenets that I’ve never had a problem with is the concept of Jesus being fully human and fully divine.  But I probably understand it in a slightly different way than most folks.

You see, I’ve never pictured God as a man (or woman for that matter) sitting on a cloud in heaven.  God for me has always been present in and around all things as the creative energy of Love.  I picture Love energy operating at a certain wavelength, and we, as human beings operating primarily at different wavelengths.  On those amazing occasions when we have God things happen in our lives, or we experience sacred moments of peace, or awareness of our oneness with creation, it is as if our wavelength has touched God’s for a moment or two. When our wavelength is touching God’s we are one with God.  This is the goal of our spiritual lives to live more and more in tune with God, therefore experiencing more and more oneness with God.

As for Jesus, I believe he was so in tune with God that the wavelength he primarily operated on was the same as the Love energy wavelength of God, thereby making them one – fully human and fully divine. Did Jesus have moments when he wasn’t operating at God’s wavelength? I believe so.  Remember when he likened the Canaanite woman to a dog? (Matthew 15:21-28) Not exactly his most shining moment. But for the most part he did pretty well.

I believe there are other great figures in history who have accomplished the same feat (or at least close to it).  Mother Teresa, Ghandi, and the Dali Lama, to name just a few. As for me, well, I was reminded many years ago that there is one Jesus and I “ain’t him.” But this theory of connecting to God helps me to believe that I at least have a shot of growing in oneness with God. I have God-moments where I believe I touch that Love energy wavelength, and there are more of them than there used to be, for which I’m grateful.  Meditation, stillness and self-awareness being three of the things that help me most to connect. And if I can do it, so can you.

Peace ~ Kaye