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Keep learning

I happen to be teaching a few college courses right now on “Understanding Religion.” I’m still not really sure that’s possible, but we’re working on it.  My favorite part is getting the students to think.  I want them to have that almost shocking moment when they realize that the way they’ve always done “it” (religion, worship, you name it) isn’t the only way.  I want them to experience a different type of religion and recognize that there are many ways to God.  I want them to question everything they’ve ever been taught, even if that is exceedingly uncomfortable.  I want them to believe things not because they’ve been told it’s right, but because they have looked at it from all angles and allowed it to sink into their hearts and know that it is the right path for them.  I want their minds and hearts to be broadened to recognize that there are seekers of God in every tradition and every religion and we can learn from each other.

These all seem like realistic expectations for a college class where learning is the objective, but this is also my expectation of this spiritual community.  We will not grow spiritually unless we engage the process.  Question, search, challenge, study, listen, share… but above all be open to change!  Being comfortable for too long means we aren’t stretching ourselves. And if we don’t stretch ourselves, we don’t grow.  And if we don’t grow, we become stagnant and die (metaphorically speaking).  Honestly, it’s not scary, it’s exciting!  There is so much out there to learn.  And if we relax a little, we find that the new information doesn’t threaten what we know about God, it enhances and broadens it.  It’s truly a beautiful and liberating experience.

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Peace ~ Kaye