Pastor Kaye's Blog

Finding our inner truth

I wonder if we’ve forgotten how to live by our own inner truth? What inner truth, did you say?  Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten you even have one? I believe our inner truth is that deep, interior soul consciousness that connects us to God, love, compassion, peace and who we were created to be (just to be clear, our inner truth does not ever have to do with hatred, prejudice, anger, guilt, shame or evil). When we remember to live by it, our inner truth will constantly guide us to live true to our highest possible selves.  When we lose track of our inner truth, we become consumed by our egos, by the material world, by what society and religion want us to be and do.

It is highly disturbing to me that Christian religion, as we know it today, generally prefers to give us its truth, rather than guide us to finding God within us and teaching us to trust our intuition, our insights, our inner truth.  Religion, the structure that people (OK, mostly men – sorry guys, it’s true) have designed for us to worship and connect to the Great Mystery, is very fond of telling us exactly what that mystery is like, what we should believe about it, and how we should act if we want to be rewarded by it.  Religion, typically, is not amenable to questioning, challenging and searching.  And, it is even less fond of folks who might actually have a spiritual experience contrary to what it proports to be the Truth.  Hence, it makes it much easier to just tell people what they need to know, that way they don’t have to waste time looking for it!  Makes perfect sense, don’t you think? Sigh.  I get so exasperated with this.

In creating Sacred Journeys Spiritual Community, my hope is that we will learn to be more spiritual than religious.  What I preach on Sunday mornings is not intended to be the end all and be all.  It is intended to spark thought so that we live more consciously and more true to our hearts.  It is intended to open you to experience the divine for yourselves in your own lives.  And everything I say to you on Sunday mornings (and in these blogs) is measured against my own inner truth.  I don’t say this to brag… I’m trying to say that I attempt to get my ego out of the way, so that I do not contradict the God I know as pure, unconditional love energy.

Perhaps as this community goes forward, we will give ourselves permission to let go of the structures, the rules, the laws of what we’ve been taught and live in love in the depths of the inner truth of our soul.