Pastor Kaye's Blog

What’s in a name?

We tend to be very particular when choosing names for our children and our pets.  My mother named me “Kaye” so that no one could ever turn it into a horrible nickname.  Well, that worked because you can’t do a darn thing with Kaye.  Instead the boys in grade school did awful things with my last name (which I won’t print) and called me “four eyes”.  Just a few years ago, I thought Daisy Mae was a wonderful name for our cute little yellow lab puppy.  Only later did our vet inform me that most dogs named Daisy seem to be a bit ditzy and don’t listen well.  Sigh… at least she’s really loving!

Anyway, we put the same amount of effort into the name for this “church” – Sacred Journeys Spiritual Community.  For starters, there is a reason for the “s” on the end of Journey.  We believe wholeheartedly that each person has their own relationship with the Divine and their own spiritual journey to travel.  We understand that each one is sacred, holy, beautiful, oftentimes challenging, but always worthy of respect. There are many ways to know and understand God, not just one. There are many, many experiences of God’s love, grace and presence in our lives. We are not THE Sacred Journey.  We want to honor ALL of the Sacred Journeys in our midst.

We opted to call ourselves a Spiritual Community as a way of setting ourselves apart and proclaiming our desire to be different from”church” as many of us had experienced it.  Having had numerous negative encounters with organized religion, we considered being “unorganized religion” or “undenominational” and finally just settled on being a “spiritual community”.  We hope that “spiritual” will emphasize the experiential nature of religion instead of the dogmatic, political side.  And we hope that our newly founded “community” will grow to be just that – a “Community”.  No, we’re not a cult.  Certainly you’d be giving me all your money if that were the case, and I don’t appear to be getting rich off this endeavor.  Commuity suggests that we will know one another, care for one another, learn, grow, work, dream and serve with one another.  We will welcome newcomers into the community with open arms and we will support each other in our differences and our diversity.  Perhaps most importantly, we will each have a vested interest in the growth and vitality of Sacred Journeys Spiritual Community.

There are many things about us that remain similar to “church”.  We say prayers, we sing songs, we read scripture, we have a sermon, we have potlucks, Sunday School and outreach ministries (coming soon, I’m sure).  The difference is the underlying theology and philosophy.  Come, give us a try, and bring a friend.  Weekly services start Sunday, September 11 at 10 a.m. at Roma Lodge here in Racine, Wisconsin.