Pastor Kaye's Blog

Our first worship service is upon us…

It is hard to believe that our first worship service is upon us in four days (July 10th, 9:30 a.m. Roma Lodge, Racine).  I’ve been diligently trying to create the perfect service, yet I know that isn’t possible, nor even necessary.  Nonetheless, I’m sensitive to the undercurrent of feelings as we begin this journey into the unknown.  We’re excited to be realizing a dream… a place where we can, without shame or concern, be exactly who we are and proclaim a God of love, not fear or judgment or law.  At the same time, we’re a little bit scared to be doing something new.  Plus, we’re grieving what we’ve left behind, and trying to heal the parts of us that have been broken in the process.

In the midst of this swirl of emotion and feeling, I know that God is present.  I know that the Spirit is leading and guiding us, and if we give her room to move, she will breathe life into us.  Creation and birth are often messy, but beautiful and sacred at the same time.  In our birth as a unique spiritual community, we are looking out into a new world with fresh eyes and hopeful hearts.  There is much to look forward to as we grow into this new creation and I trust that God will bring us all we need when we need it.  Hope to see you Sunday.