Pastor Kaye's Blog

Me and boxes

Just for the record, I’m not adverse to boxes if they are covered in pretty paper, tied up in fancy ribbons and have great gifts inside of them for me, specifically.  Other than that, boxes and I don’t get along too well.  We use boxes for moving (just been there, done that and never want to see another cardboard box in my life), or people-size boxes called “cubicles” or “sensory deprivation chambers” for good hard-working folks to be cooped up in 2,080 hours per year (certainly that will make them more productive); or even bigger boxes which we call “churches,” to sort groups of people into belief systems, doctrines, dogma, and tradition.  Then there are metaphorical boxes used to label people and keep others from thinking too hard about what a person might be like apart from their job, clothes, economic status, race, color, sexual orientation, tatoos, piercings, married status or car they drive.

My least favorite box is the box we put God in.  I recognize that we, as humans (and I am not exempt – despite the pedestal people have occasionally tried to put me on), have a deep, inherent desire to connect to Transcendent Reality, the Source of Life, the Ancient One, Beloved, God, and so we attempt to define, explain, quantify and qualify this experience.  In other words, we analyze, rationalize, categorize, and manipulate God into a box. The reality is that Infinite Love is greater than any box, or all boxes.  God is much bigger than anything we can possibly dream or envision.

At Sacred Journeys we want to take God out of the box – or at the very least push the walls out a bit, or maybe even knock one or two down.  We want to learn new things so that our understanding of God, and of ourselves, deepens.  We want to try new things in worship to expand our experience of the Divine.  We hope to have a diverse, inclusive, welcoming community.  It’s a huge undertaking.  But with the unpredictable, un-box-able, life-giving Spirit walking with us, anything is possible.  We’ll just keep trying.