Pastor Kaye's Blog

A new journey begins

Sacred Journeys Spiritual Community is an inclusive, progressive Christian community which exists to honor and encourage each person’s spiritual journey with God. Together we will work toward wholeness through worship, learning, social justice and mission. (Our Mission Statement)

On Sunday, July 10th, we will begin our journey together as a new spiritual community.  Call us a church, if you will, but we are attempting to shed the trappings that seem to come with that word.  Instead we claim for ourselves a vibrant, alive, free, dynamic, holistic mindset that is in this world, but not of this world.  It’s a challenge because we are trying to create something for which there appears to be no model.  In fact, to outside appearance, we may look more like a church than not.  However, the Spirit moves within us showing us new paths and new ways and we are ready to explore and grow.  We readily admit that we are a work in progress and we invite you to come and dream with us.  There is no limit to what the power of God’s love can do.  Explore our website, contact us, join us on Sunday morning… we are just beginning, but we are excited!